“Succeed, Achieve and Exceed.”


Overflow recognises that adolescence is a challenging stage of life that takes you down many paths, some good and some not so good.
Overflow journey’s with young people to help them succeed, achieve, and exceed.

“Destined for Greatness”


Overflow believes that each young person is destined for greatness; that their lives matter and despite adversities they can fulfill their God given purposes in life. 

“Partnership with God”


Overflow wholeheartedly believes that the only way to true transformation and lasting change is through a partnership with God.

Overflow recognises the whole person (body, soul and spirit), with a primary focus on helping young people to develop spirituality and overcome substance misuse.


Overflow provides hands on practical assistance for every area of one’s life, and incorporates spirituality to set people up for lasting change; this is what sets us apart.  

Overflow work on things from the ground up; we go to every length to ensure people’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs are met.