Tracey Carter


Tracey is the Overflow Co-Founder and wife of Founder Mike Carter. Tracey and Mike have been married since 2005 and have two beautiful children, Isaiah (2012) and Aaliyah (2015).

Tracey is a qualified Beauty Therapist and ran a successful business for a number of years, before deciding to focus on starting a family. Since 2012 Tracey’s primary role has been on being a stay at home mother and investing into our children’s early years of development. Tracey has continued to do Beauty Therapy at a reduced capacity to maintain her skills.

Tracey is a caring and compassionate woman who has a heart for people. Tracey utilises her natural ability to nurture people and her beauty therapy skills to help women in particular to feel good about themselves (internally and externally).

Tracey actually came up with the name Overflow and is wholeheartedly commited to the vision and mission of Overflow Foundation.


What do I bring to OVERFLOW?

I believe I bring passion, experience, wisdom, connection & a genuine heart to help people recognize their potential.

Tony Cameneti

Senior Pastor of Rhema Family Church

Tony Cameneti is the senior pastor of Rhema Family Church. He also teaches in conferences, Bible Schools, and other local churches as a guest speaker. After a rough and tough younger life, at age 23 he found Jesus as his Lord. Since then Tony has been serving God in various capacities. Tony knows what it’s like to not know the Lord, not know why he existed and what his purpose on earth was.

He gave in to the temptations of the world for a 5-year period and knows what it’s like to be in a negative head space. He is very aware that true and lasting change comes from a personal relationship with God, as he experienced it himself. He also knows of the struggles Christians experience, and desires to see them overcome them and finish their Christian course.

Tony believes that Michael Carter and the Overflow Foundation will offer hope, guidance, and support to the young people that God has placed on his heart and in his path. Tony offers advice and support in any way he is able, to Michael and the Overflow Foundation.

Aukamu Elisha Noka

Christian Entrepreneur

-Associate Degree University of Papua New Guinea
-Advanced Diploma in Theology Hope Christian college, Gold Coast
-Graduate of Rhema Bible Training Centre Gold Coast

Sports background:
Former PNG Barramundi Cricket Captain and rep!

Christian Entrepreneur and currently preparing to launch Believe Centre Church in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
After graduating from bible college in the Gold Coast 2007, I was employed as a youth pastor and young adults pastor for a few years. I then moved onto becoming the Chaplain for Christian Trade college whilst being the youth Pastor for Teach youth in the Gold Coast. I engaged in cross cultural liaising between cultures, schools, trade colleges, piloted youth programmes and camps, as well as engaged Sponsorship amongst circular sporting organisations etc. Facilitate leadership Training to youth and young believes as well as preach and run youth weekly.

At present, I have become more engaged in entrepreneurship and do leadership training towards individuals of all ages towards taking charge of their lives and leading them to the path of self-discovering their potential and utilising it to the max. I am also preparing a team in PNG for the launching of Believe Centre in Port Moresby, PNG.

What I bring to Overflow is leadership and mentoring. A passion that not only desires to see change but to become a part of the journey in bringing the broken to experience wholeness, not by thinking that it can be done but by marching with the injured and the lost till wholeness and destination is achieved. Together is better than one.